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Anacortes Rigging and Yacht Services specializes in sailboat rigging and sail handling systems, including hardware, furling systems, spars and equipment. We swage wire rope both in our shop and on the job site with our portable Wire Teknik swager.  In addition to wire we are proficient in all types of rod and composite rigging technologies.  We can repair or replace any of your equipment as necessary, while providing quality, professional service.

Anacortes Rigging also provides mooring systems, anchoring systems, lifting bridles, towing assemblies, and many other types of rigging systems.  No matter what your needs, we can provide a solution to your rigging problem.

Our selection of rope is unmatched in Northwest Washington, including rope from Cortland Puget Sound Rope, Alpha Ropes, and Marlow.  We carry all different types of rope, from weighted crab rope to high tech sailboat running rigging, and everything in between.  Our prices are competitive with online retailers and we will help you make the right decision when it comes to your specific needs.  We also splice nearly every kind of rope, and keep shackles and fittings in stock for most common applications.

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Architectural wire rope can provide a beautiful addition to many homes and businesses.  Stainless cable can be a feature of railing systems or designed to nearly disappear against the background.  Anacortes Rigging offers the highest quality, US made cable hardware.  We can provide you with the expertise and aesthetic creativity to accomplish any goal.